N x N = N²

If you still can't tell by now, "Nsquared" refers to their first name initials "Nick" & "Nadia".

Get it now??!


Chef / Owner / N1

Nick was originally born in Ukraine and moved to Singapore with his mother at the age of four. He became a Singapore citizen when his mom got married and thereafter completed National Service as an adult. Being in Singapore, he grew up in the East Coast and went to local neighbourhood schools. Nick also speaks fluent mandarin, which makes him get along easily with local suppliers and people of the

 local chinese community.

Nick has always wanted to be a chef since he was a kid and food was a huge part of his life growing up. He went to culinary school and worked with a couple of restaurants in Singapore including Camp Kilo Charcoal Club.

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Co-Owner / PR/ N2

Nadia was born and bred in Singapore. She lived in Sweden for a few months when she was 19 and thereafter flew the friendly skies for 10 years. Her passion for food started when she was a kid and it grew tremendously after travelling. She spends most of her time & money on dining experiences all over the world.

Nadia worked and managed a few different bars and restaurants in Singapore before started flying.

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